Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Tag: Madison County

Kentuckians recognized for math, science teaching

Four Kentucky teachers have won the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The Kentucky Board of Education recognized the teachers at its Feb. 8 meeting in Frankfort.

Madison County’s Hour of Code

Madison County was recognized recently for being the first recipient of the Computer Science Education Incentive Award from AdvanceKentucky and Time Warner Cable. The award promotes the growth and awareness of computer science education in school districts throughout Kentucky.

Madison County students create Day of the Dead altar for Smithsonian

Students at Model Laboratory High School's Spanish Honors Society were tasked this year to create an original altar for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian as part of the museum’s Dia de los Muertos activities.

Day of the Dead project keeps language alive

Model Laboratory High School instructor Ernest McClees said that by building a traditional Day of the Dead altar, his Spanish Honors Society students gave them the unique opportunity to discover the Spanish language.

Students selected for Commissioner’s Student Council

Sixteen Kentucky public high school students have been named to the Commissioner’s Student Council, a group that provides input to Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt.

KSD teacher says education is in her blood

Carla Lewis, a 1st-grade teacher at the Kentucky School for the Deaf, comes from a long line of educators. But it took an elective sign language course in college to cement her plans.

Talking about math in the classroom

Math is thought of as the universal language of logic, but that distinction belies just how much good old-fashioned language is actually involved in mathematical processing.

Semifinalists named for 2017 Kentucky Teacher of the Year

Nine outstanding teachers from across the state – three elementary, three middle and three high school teachers – are semifinalists for the 2017 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award.

Schools getting their hands on CPR

Schools and districts are determining how to offer students CPR training to meet the requirements of a new law.

24 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Award winners named

The Kentucky Department of Education and Valvoline™ have selected 24 outstanding Kentucky educators as recipients of the 2017 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Awards. These teachers qualify to compete for the 2017 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award, which will be announced next month.