The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has launched a new Professional Learning Bulletin Board (PLBB) website, which gives educators information regarding professional development providers and programs.

This is the logo for the Professional Learning Bulletin Board.When visiting the PLBB, educators can perform a keyword search or choose “Advanced Search” to refine program listings by grade level, audience and discipline, as well as how well the program aligns to performance measures and Kentucky’s Professional Learning Standards. Programs can be filtered according to event date, name, vendor and location.

Events also display if there are any costs for participants and if the program has been approved for Effective Instructional Leadership Act (EILA) credit. The “Always On” section provides links to online professional learning opportunities that can be accessed anytime.

Professional development providers can post an event to the PLBB by completing the “Professional Learning Information Form,” which asks for descriptions of the session(s), including content, target audience and location. If the event meets the EILA learning criteria for Kentucky administrators, the provider also may complete an EILA-proposal at the time of posting.

Per KRS 156.095 Section 8, while the department reviews event information prior to posting, this shall not be viewed as an endorsement of the quality of any specific provider or program. Whether or not a session is eligible for professional development credit is determined by local school district policies and 704 KAR 3:035.

Find the Professional Learning Bulletin Board tile on the KDE webpage. If you have questions, please contact Christine Meisberger at (502) 564-1479, ext. 4510 or, or Erin Ashcraft at (502) 564-1479, ext. 4514 or