Videos offer help on creating assessments

Edivation, the professional learning resource available to all Kentucky educators on CIITS, is offering videos that can help teachers create assessments that measure learning, support growth and help to adapt and personalize teaching. Goals are to: Assure that assessment serves learning Use multiple measures Align assessment to goals Measure what matters Assure that assessments are fair and equitable To watch [...]

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Videos can help teachers implement new standards

Kentucky educators have a number of excellent resources at their disposal to help implement the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS). One of these is Edivation, the professional learning resource available to all Kentucky educators on CIITS. Edivation offers a large online library of instructional professional learning videos with hours of footage showing real teachers implementing the standards in their classrooms. [...]

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Videos on differentiating instruction available

Differentiating instruction can feel like a formidable task, and it’s easy to get into the habit of “teaching to the middle” — presenting material and using teaching methods suited to the majority of students rather than to each individual. However, with the right strategies and a little practice, differentiation doesn’t have to be all that difficult. CIITS and Edivation offer [...]

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Videos can help integrate technology into instruction

Technology moves fast, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the best practices for integrating the latest innovations into your classroom instruction. CIITS and Edivation offer a series of videos showing examples of teachers doing just that — using new technologies to engage and enlighten students in ways never before possible in the classroom. Follow the instructions [...]

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Video can help teachers close achievement gaps

Kentucky teachers, like those in most other American classrooms, face the challenge of closing achievement gaps. As difficult as this can be, there are strategies that have been shown to work in all types of classrooms and among all types of students. Through CIITS and Edivation, Kentucky educators have access to a professional learning video that can equip them with some [...]

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Classroom management strategies now available through CIITS

This school year, teachers, you have the opportunity to help your students achieve new heights in growth and learning. Are you ready? You can prepare yourself with outstanding primers on classroom management available on Edivation (formerly PD 360) via Kentucky’s Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology system (CIITS). These expert-vetted videos feature teaching best practices with real master teachers in their classrooms. [...]

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